What my references say about me!

Carlos Seguro

FILM DIRECTOR  09-13-2018

Nicholas is very competitive. His acting is on point and can always take directions perfectly. Easy to work with.

Bluewater Media

PRODUCTION CO.  11-08-2020

Nick is easy to work with. He knows how to bring the positivity to set. He is very fun and very professional at the same time. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an actor that can take on directions like no other before.

22 Squared Inc.

PRODUCTION CO.  04-12-2021

Velasquez did a wonderful job during his auditions and performed exceptionally well during the shoot for our Publix commercial. I would highly recommend.

Johney Birrell

FILM DIRECTOR  04-06-2020

We were looking for an actor to portray a grieving father who had lost his child due to terminal cancer and we came upon his audition. We instantly wanted him. He brought life not only to the character but to set. Nicholas performed very well and is very professional. He can absolutely follow directions. Great job, Nick!

Anjani Pandey

FILM DIRECTOR  10-08-2019

Nicholas is not like other actors. If he is brought onto a project, he will work overnight to become the character he is instructed to perform as. He is a GREAT promoter as well. He is easy to direct and knows what he's doing. 

Lex Halaby


He lent his voice for my project and did absolutely spontaneous. He gave different types of voices that could be used for my project. I would love to work with him again. Hopefully in Hollywood we can finally meet. I would highly recommend. Netflix's Game Over, Man! sounds great with his voice over in it! Keep killing it!

Christian Ortiz

FILM DIRECTOR  04-09-2022

Nicholas and I met on a commercial set where he performed for the Super Bowl Ad for Lawyer Mark Jones. 

I will tell you now, he is an awesome human being. Loves his job and is highly dedicated to it. 

I hired him for my project called TWO BOSSES: THE CERULEAN CUT and boy he performed his character in an outstanding way. He follows directions and is very talented.

Red Rock Films

PRODUCTION CO.  12-15-2021

Mr. Velasquez was easy to work with and performed exceptionally well.

Excelsior Studios

PRODUCTION CO.  07-21-2021

Love his work and love his compassion towards his work and his colleagues. Would highly recommend him.

Al King


Man, my boy nick is the best, guys. We met on an acting set; dude is insane. Awesome actor, just all around amazing. Now he is helping my company Storm Dagger Films and I am so glad I got this awesome actor on my project; Star Wars: Spice Heist. Super glad I got him signed onto this project. He is the real deal.